Official Certification of Election 2020

Nomination of Officers for Hawaii Nurses Association was conducted on October 3, 2020. Officers, members and the Election Committee attended either in-person at the HNA offices, 3375 Koapaka St in Honolulu, HI or via Zoom meeting. Nominations were submitted prior to the meeting via email and at the meeting. Nominees who were present at the meeting either accepted or declined their nominations. 

After nominations were complete, the Election Committee assessed the membership status of all nominators and nominees. All nominators and nominees were deemed members-in-good standing by the Election Committee.  Nominees who were not present at the nomination meeting were notified of their nomination via email and asked to either accept or decline their nominations.

Kapiolani Bargaining Update – 10/28/20

Today we had our fifth bargaining session with management. Here’s a summary of today’s events:

  • Management presented three proposals on professional development, clinical ladder development, and the preceptor program.
  • Senior Vice President of HPH Human Resources, Sunshine Topping, presented two slideshows on healthcare and retirement.
  • HNA Bargaining Team presented two counter proposals on a charge nurse subcommittee and the union security section.
  • Management presented three proposals on health plan coverage, retirement plans, and layoffs.
  • Health plan (double and family) premium increase over 3 years (currently, the company portion of your premium is 84%; in 1/2022 it will decrease to 82%, and by 1/2023, will decrease to 80%). There will be no changes to single premiums.
  • Freezing of employer 403(b) contributions starting first paycheck of January 2022.
  • Layoff language that includes a point system for “simplifying” the process for layoffs (NOT by seniority).

2020 Candidate Endorsements – General Election

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HNA 2020 Executive Board Nominations

Nominations for the following offices will be accepted from the floor at the October 3, 2020 Membership Meeting at the date, time, and location indicated below.  Nominations may also be submitted in writing by mail to Merriman River Group HNA Nominations, P.O. Box 30562, Honolulu, HI 96820 or by email to  Nominations submitted by mail or email must be received by 4pm on October 2, 2020

Election Notice

The Hawaii Nurses’ Association OPEIU Local 50 is conducting an election of its President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Trustees and Executive Board.  Newly elected Officers, Trustees and Executive Board members will take office in January 2021 for a three-year term.  Candidates elected as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Trustee who receives the most votes in the election will also serve as delegates to the International Union Convention.

Mail Ballot Election. Voting will be by secret ballot and by mail only. There will be no option to cast ballots electronically or by phone. Ballot packages will be mailed to all active members on November 10, 2020. Postage‐paid envelopes will be provided for return of voted ballots.